About City Saver

City Saver is a discount program that offers consumers significant savings at their favorite local merchants while also serving local organizations in their fundraising efforts.

The City Saver Book & App

Each discount book is filled with hundreds of 2 for 1 and 50% off discounts from your favorite local restaurants, fun stuff, and shopping. Featured merchants come from all over the area, meaning the book can be used in any area of town. Best of all, the City Saver book offers a long shelf life. Since the book is released in August and doesn’t expire until December 30th of the following year, purchasers can look forward to 17 months of savings!

Clarksville City Saver, Nashville City Saver, Memphis City Saver, and Louisville City Saver, are published directories by Beach Marketing, LLC that provide savings on local dining, attractions and shopping.

Elementary school class outsideWe serve non-profit organizations and our local schools by assisting them in raising much needed funds. Popular local merchants are invited to increase their business by advertising at no cost while helping these groups. Fundraising groups receive books on consignment, risk free with no upfront investment. City Saver provides a turnkey marketing program including checklists, marketing materials, incentive prizes and kick off events.

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Doing Good While Doing Good Business!

City Saver helps campaign partners increase sales, exposure and awareness, while generating thousands of dollars for local schools and nonprofit organizations. It brings together media, sports franchises, corporate sponsors, and local leaders to make a difference in our community!

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