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Interested In FREE Advertising?

City Saver is a revolutionary discount program providing FREE ADVERTISING for your business, driving eager customers to your doorstep, all while helping local schools and charities raise much needed money.





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City Saver Delivers Results!

  • Participation is FREE and NO rollover contracts!
  • 90% Renewal Rate – Our merchants are getting results!
  • 71% of families making $75,000 or more use coupons! – Marketing Daily
  • 72% of Americans use more coupons than six months ago! – Prospectiv
  • Doing good while doing business…it’s powerful!

Partner with City Saver and…

  • Increase the frequency in which people make purchases.
  • Encourage people to try your business.
  • Enable your customers to buy more expensive items.
  • Encourage return visits to your business.
  • Increase business traffic and word of mouth advertising.

How It Works:

  • The City Saver book is released each August and distributed annually through groups as a fundraiser.
  • You provide your logo and a great offer, and we will do the rest!
  • Books will be distributed around the greater metropolitan area, growing brand awareness in the marketplace.
  • While we help you grow your business, watch the community strengthen as well!

Free Smart Phone App

In addition to our popular coupon book, we also offer a smart phone app with a geo-locate function. You can advertise your brand, link customers to your website, and run your ONE-TIME USE coupons attracting a completely different audience – at NO COST to you! Download our app flyer!

Need to share the advertising opportunity with your team? Download our advertising flyer!

Download our Rules of the Road in order to instruct consumers how the coupons work, and when they can and cannot use them. Have more questions? Visit our Advertiser FAQs.