Advertiser FAQs

City Saver is a revolutionary discount program providing FREE ADVERTISING for your business, driving eager customers to your doorstep, all while helping local schools and charities raise much needed money.

Advertiser FAQs

There are so many marketing options out there, why City Saver?

Look at what it costs for the return you are receiving. City Saver does not cost anything unless it works. City Saver helps local schools and charities in your local community and people are actually paying them money in order to receive your advertisement. This is the opposite approach of most advertising vehicles available. When people see you helping the greater good, they will be more inclined to frequent your business. They might discover your business with a coupon. But when they enjoy a good experience, they will come back again without a coupon and next time, bring friends.

How much does it cost?

Advertising in the City Saver book is by invitation only, and there is absolutely no charge to participate. City Saver pays to design your advertisement, print it, and distribute it for you. All you do is provide a great offer, a logo (if you’re using one), address information and hours of business.

What kind of offer should I run?

Put all of the money you would normally spend to run a paid ad into a great offer that will drive people through the door. It doesn’t cost anything until someone comes in to use it. Then, you have a chance to up-sell the customer. We require a “buy one get one free” or “50% off deal” because the offer is being bundled with other offers to create a fundraising booklet. When people pay a school or charity so they can use your coupon, they expect it to be a good offer. Make sure your coupon covers the majority of your offerings or people will not think it’s worthwhile. Allow people to try items they want to try by not restricting the offer.

What if I don’t want to extend that much of a discount?

Understandably, business owners and managers feel that their products and services are too valuable to be deeply discounted. Since there is no cost at all to run the coupons and we do all of the work to get the advertisement into the hands of people who will use it, most business owners find that they can’t go wrong with our program. It’s the best kind of advertising available, and it’s the minimum requirement to participate. A maximum value amount is acceptable as long as it covers 85% of the items offered.

What if my customers don’t use coupons?

A lot of companies that participate in fundraising coupon programs aren’t your normal couponing type of companies. But these companies feel that fundraising coupon programs are different than running newspaper or direct mail coupons. Not only does it not cost them anything, but by participating, they are helping a great cause and receiving goodwill in the community.

How is this coupon different than the other coupons I am running?

City Saver coupons don’t come out until August so there is plenty of time to plan for them. Our coupons books are valid for over one year. Companies find that with our program they get a nice steady stream of coupons, not a bombardment all over a couple of weeks. If this works well for you, hopefully you won’t have to run some of your other coupons that you have to pay for. You will not only be bringing in new customers, but also cutting down on your advertising budget.

Does the coupon have to be valid for a year?

Most of the time when a company does a short term coupon, they are advertising a special product or trying to increase business at a particularly slow time of year. The reason our year long coupons work so well for businesses is that people can utilize your products and when they need them. With our program, people that need your services immediately can do so and others may need them in a month or so. In the long run you will get more customers. It also spreads out the redemption which provides a nice steady flow of coupons, instead of a stampede of them at once.

What should I do to avoid employee theft with these coupons?

Employee theft is unfortunately a big concern for many businesses. City Saver book coupons are perforated and can be attached to your cashier ticket as proof that a coupon was presented. If they are using the iPhone app for coupon redemption, we can require terms that you set in advance, be used at the register. We also recommend having a manager approve all iPhone coupons prior to use.

How can restaurants be couponing with rising food costs?

While the cost of restaurant supplies has increased, many restaurant owners find that couponing will fill their number one challenge: getting people through the door. When people come through the door, there are more opportunities to sell to them. Many times when a coupon is used to save money on an entrée, a customer is more motivated to purchase other items, such as an appetizer or dessert.

Aren’t people who use coupons just cheap and never come back?

A certain percentage of coupon users are cheap. But according to a survey done on coupon users, a greater majority of them are good customers. Most people feel coupons are a great opportunity to try a new business. If they have a positive experience with your business, they will return again with or without a coupon. They will also tell their friends about your business. Not to mention, your regular customers will appreciate a coupon discount. It’s a great way to let them know you value them as customers. Either way, coupons are a great vehicle to increase revenue and customer traffic. I’m sure you’re not the kind of person who would let a few bad eggs keep you from making a smart business decision.

Can I restrict the days of the week my coupon is valid?

Well, I’m sure that you have some nights during the week (and months during the year) when you are not on a wait and would welcome customers with coupons. Those very same customers who may use a coupon initially on a busy night might become one of your regular customers after enjoying their experience. This is a way to get your name out there and attract several new people to your business which will in return increase your word of mouth advertising and increase your business.

How do I include my offer(s) on the City Saver iPhone / Android application?

When you sign up for the book, simply check the box that says it’s ok to run this offer on the iPhone and Android. Be sure to give us your redemption instructions for the cashier.

Do I need to hire a designer to create my ad?

No. City Saver will have a coupon proof made up for you and send it to you for your final approval. After you receive the proof, if you have any changes, please contact us to make the changes. A corrected copy will be sent back to you again. If final approval cannot be obtained, City Saver personnel will check your contract against the proof to ensure accuracy.

Is there a written agreement?

Yes. City Saver takes its relationship with advertisers very seriously. We require your written permission to publish the coupon on your behalf. By signing the agreement, you represent authority to commit to the coupon and promise to accept it until it expires.

Will my agreement be automatically extended next year?

No. Never. City Saver will contact you each year to find out how the advertising worked, if there have been any changes or if you would like to revise your advertisement.


How can I get more involved in working with local schools & charities?

City Saver has many opportunities to get our advertisers into the schools and non-profit communities. Please e-mail: with your ideas.

How do I get featured on the back cover?

Advertisers are hand-picked based on type of merchant, location of business and willingness to donate goods and services to the fundraising groups we support.

How do the offers work?

In restaurants, when two or more main course entrees are ordered, the least expensive item (up to the maximum dollar amount state on the certificate) is deducted.

What if I have other specials?

Unless otherwise noted, certificates cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts or offers.

What about dining in groups?

A maximum of three (3) discount certificates will be accepted by the restaurant, for the three least expensive items.

How do I ensure my server is happy and takes good care of the table?

You may place a suggested gratuity amount on the certificate or automatically add a gratuity to the final bill.

What about holidays and large regional events?

Offers are invalid on Christmas Eve and Day, New Years Eve and Day, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day. Regional events may also be excluded at the individual restaurant’s discretion.

What if I decide that it was a mistake to run a coupon in the City Saver book?

If the mistake is communicated to City Saver prior to the book printing, it will be removed. However, once you enter into a legal agreement with City Saver, and the book is printed, the offer(s) must be honored until they expire. City Saver will never print your offer without the express written consent of the owner or authorized manager.

What if I sell my business?

If you sell your business, or substantially all of the assets or shares of the business, you must notify the purchaser of the terms of our agreement and require the purchaser to assume the obligations until the agreement expires.