App FAQs

Thank you for your interest in the City Saver mobile app. Please find below a list of FAQs about the mobile app and app activation process. If you are having trouble activating your app, and the following information does not help to resolve your concerns, please visit our troubleshooting form and a City Saver representative will be in contact within 24-48 hours Monday-Friday.

App FAQs

I did not receive my app activation email?

Please check your spam and junk folder. More often than not, your activation code email has been filtered by your email service provider. Email subject will be ‘City Saver App Activation Code.’ We apologize for any inconvenience.

My book code has already been redeemed?

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 3.36.31 PMAt times our servers may experience temporary outages. Please check your email program to ensure a code has not been emailed to you. Please note, your activation email may be in a spam/junk folder.

If you do not have an app activation email, please visit our troubleshooting form. A new app activation code will be emailed to you once you have provided the requested information.

My book code is showing as invalid?

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 3.34.09 PMPlease make sure you have entered your book number code correctly. Please note, the book redemption form available online is valid for the 2016 books only. If you recently purchased a 2015 book, and would like to activate your app, please email with your book number, email, and phone number.

My app activation code was declined as invalid?

Please note, if you select the submit button more than once you will receive the the invalid code error, however your app may still be active. Select ‘ok’ and look for the “Your app’s coupons are currently active” which appears just above the field for inputting your app activation code (circled in red). If this does not resolve your issue, and your app is still not active, please email

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Can I keep track of my savings from my app?

Yes, use the ‘Savings Calculator’ feature to track your up-to-date savings.

Are the coupons on my app linked to the coupons in my book?

No, the app coupons are additional offers over and above the coupons in the book, essentially doubling your savings.

Can I search for merchants on the app?

Yes, you can search by location, category, or even use the ‘Around Me’ feature to see the merchants right in your area of town.

Can I use my coupons more than once on my app?

No, each coupon is valid for a one-time use only.

Is the book required to redeem coupons on the mobile app?

No.  Once activated, the mobile app can be used independently of the book.

Are all the same merchants and offers in the book also on the mobile app?

While there are hundreds of additional coupons on the mobile app, not every merchant has agreed to accept the mobile coupons, yet.  You can expect 70-85% of the book merchants to be on the app.  The offers are the same as the book but some merchants have agreed to extend additional offers as well.

How do I activate my mobile app?

The app can be activated using our book redemption form. Please visit the app download page for more information.

How much does the app cost?

The app is free to download and the activation code comes as a free gift with the purchase of a book.

How do I obtain an activation code for the mobile app?

If you have purchased a City Saver coupon book, you are entitled to a free app code for activating the coupons on your mobile phone. Visit our download the app page to use our book redemption form to receive an app activation code.

How do I receive the mobile app?

The mobile app is available for your iPhone, iPad or Android device.  Simply go to the app store for your Apple device or Google Play for Android to download the app for your city.  Once downloaded, you are able to view the offers but they are not yet activated.   You will need an activation code to use the coupons. Visit our download the app page for more information.

What is the City Saver mobile app?

It’s a way to save you money when you are on the go.  You may forget your book, but you will always have your phone! Easily find offers available for use right now.  Use the index to find a merchant alphabetically, by location or click the map to see what’s around you. Keep track of your savings all year and see what kind of profit you made on your purchase.