City Saver gives back with your great support

City Saver helped raise over $1.1 million in 2012

Because of your support, City Saver helped raise over $1.1 million for local schools and nonprofit organizations this year, and over $8 million the last 10 years.  We worked with 94 schools & organizations in Nashville, 73 in Memphis, 58 in Louisville, and 33 in Clarksville.

From gifts under the tree for family and friends, to boxes of candy and cookies for co-workers or teachers, giving back to those who are special in life is prevalent during this Christmas season.

We could not have done it without you!

City Saver helps campaign partners increase sales, exposure and awareness, while generating thousands of dollars for local schools and nonprofit organizations. We bring together media, sports franchises, corporate sponsors, and local leaders to make a difference in our community!  Thank you to all of our merchants and school volunteers who have helped us reach such a significant milestone.

This year when you give City Saver, you are actually giving twice. Click on your city to give the gift that gives double.


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