12 Questions to Ask a Fundraising Company

You’ve decided to sell a product for fast, easy cash for your school.  With all of the products and companies out there, how do you select a reputable company with integrity to take care of you? There is a lot riding on this decision and this company can impact your reputation as a hero or a zero.  It is important to do your homework to avoid future hassles and embarrassing situations.

Sales fundraisers work because customers believe they are getting something of quality at a reasonable price while also supporting a worthy cause.

12 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Product Fundraising Company

1) Do they care about your mission or just want the sale?

  • They should be asking why you need the money and take a personal interest in your goals.

2) Does the product provide a perceived value that your community will support?

  • Is there a demand for it? What has sold well in the past? What would you like to buy? The goal is to compel support from your community by offering something they want and cannot easily find. Some sales are so well-received that there is a loyal following where people expect it and are ready to support it.

3)  Do they provide services to make your job easier and more successful?

  • Do they provide an order form for every student?  Is there a marketing plan to follow? Do they tell you what you can expect before, during and after the sale? What is the typical response time? What is the procedure if an order is lost, incorrect or damaged?
4)  What are the volunteer hours required?
  • Will it overwhelm your resources or are there clear and simple jobs for each volunteer?
5)  Can you return unsold product?
6) Are there any hidden costs such as shipping, prizes or overruns?
7)  Can the program be tailored to your school?
8)  What percent of profits will your group earn?
9)  Do they pay the same profit for online orders?
10)  How does the company comply with sales tax laws?
11)  Do they offer a student safety assembly and other safety messages for student sellers?
12)  Do they provide references?
  • Be sure to check references in your area to ensure the company met expectations. Sometimes, the company that offers groups the highest percentage of gross sales may be lacking valuable services that save time or maximize sales.
City Saver answers yes to all of these questions with the exception  #6. There are no extra costs for shipping, prizes or overruns.  Volunteer hours vary depending on school requirements.  Most groups earn 50% profit, even online.  No tax is collected because consumers pay tax when they redeem our coupons.
Learn more or check references:  info@CitySaver.com

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