3 Cheap Events That Build Community At School

If school leaders and parent groups desire to engage families in purposeful actions that support student success, then free and fun parent and family events are a big step in the right direction.

We must be engaged with other parents, teachers and school leaders to form a common trust in the business of educating kids.  More informed and involved adults create more successful students and schools.

Here are 3 types of events that build community.  Use the tips on how to engage the parents and families at your school to connect for a stronger future:

 Parent Education Events

Parents need connection with each other to keep up with what kids are being faced with these days inside and outside of school.  Public education policies affect students directly and many parents are not informed with how the laws are changing.

You can create educational seminars for parents that will help them stay abreast of a variety of topics. Invite local experts to speak or create a panel and take questions ahead of time.  Your seminar can focus on reading a book.  Consider offering a video or podcast of the discussion for parents who are unable to attend.

Topic Ideas for Parents

1) Annual parent leadership academy to develop leaders

2) Community Resources, meet your state representatives

3) Preparing nutritious meals at home

4) How to identify bullying and cyber bullying

5) Hidden dangers that threaten children online

6) Texting abbreviations every parent should know

7) Raising tech savvy kids

8) Parenting dilemmas – homework, screen time, abuse, sex education

9) Drugs / Alcohol Awareness

10) Depression / Suicide red flags

11) Discipline vs punishment

12) School Security

13) Health issues and managing stress

14) How to save and plan for college

15) Making a will

16) Teaching character

 Family Night Events

Just like with parent education events, family nights give families meaningful activities to do together and with friends. It teaches kids that parents care and encourages them to have higher standards.  It’s all about being seen as silly by your kids.  Be careful, the laughter may leave you with side stiches, sore cheeks and some happy tears.

Ideas for Family Night

1) Game Night – bring your favorite game to share

2) Movie Night – borrow a movie from the library and provide popcorn

3) Roller Skating party

4) DJ Dance Party

5) Bowling Party

Community Building Events

These events center more on the idea of adult themed activities that can involve the kids.

1) Spaghetti super before a football game

2) Boo-hoo breakfast for Kindergarten moms on first day of school

3) Dads & Donut breakfast / Moms & Muffins / Pastries with Principal

4) Christmas coffee before the kids’ performance

5) Service projects – teaches kids why service matters and how to do it

6) Moms in Prayer

7) Internet Safety Night – bring in a representative from the Police Department to learn about how predators think and how to keep your kids safe online.

No matter what school your child attends, there is always a benefit to parent involvement.   City Saver can help you raise the funds so you can plan events that build community at your school.

What type of event has worked at your school?


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