7 Reasons Schools Tell Us They Use City Saver for Their Fundraiser

7 Reasons Schools use City Saver Mobile and Printed Coupons for Their Fundraiser

After all these years, fundraising officials still tell us time and time again why they use our program for their fall fundraiser.   The reasons rarely change and we are blessed to work with the same groups year after year.

    1. Incredible Value.  On top of a 300 page book, buyers get access to a free mobile app with useable coupons.   Sometimes people forget to bring their book with them but they never forget their phone. Get two books for the price of one delivered in two formats and enjoy the best app for coupons in your area.
    2. A product people want. School fundraisers are most successful when you sell a product that parents and families can really use, like STRONG COUPON OFFERS.  Not just 20% off or a free drink but Buy-One-Get -One-Free deals and 50% off at your local favorite restaurants and attractions.
    3. Most people will make their money back the first or second time they use it. With a long shelf life, buyers can make a serious profit on their investment in your fundraiser.
    4. You don’t have to apologize for asking people to support your fundraiser because you are actually helping their family to save money all year.  By saving a lot of money at the places they already like to go, you will quickly become someone people will want to support year after year.
    5. Very easy to run the campaign. It’s easy to sell and they sell themselves. Risk free. We provide books on consignment and there is no upfront investment. You can return any unsold books.

  1. Serious support. We don’t just drop off materials and wish you luck. We provide a detailed marketing plan along with promotional materials and prizes to ensure your success. Anytime you contact us during the campaign, we provide what you need no later than the next business day!
  2. Great profit. Duh, this is what it’s all about. It’s easy to earn 50% profit on every City Saver sold.
    This works for any age group, any size group, or any cause. There will always be people who love to save money and local businesses that need help getting customers.

We can help you raise money for technology, playground equipment or travel expenses.

Whatever your fundraising needs, City Saver can help you raise thousands quickly.

Be sure to preview City Saver online or in the app store, then contact us to get started.

View the books online here:

Nashville City Saver

Memphis City Saver

Louisville City Saver

Clarksville City Saver

Decatur (AL) City Saver

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