Back To School Means City Saver Books On Sale

GENERIC-COVERwebWith school starting this week in many of our cities, this is definitely the busiest time of year for all our City Saver team members. We are in the midst of meeting with schools, putting together fundraising plans, delivering thousands of books and conducting kick off assemblies in front of hundreds of students and much more.

We are really excited about our new 2014 City Saver books! As always, there are thousands of dollars in discounts to some of your favorite local restaurants and attractions and, once again, anyone who purchases a book gets a FREE Smartphone app for either their iPhone or Android. The app allows consumers to redeem many of the coupons that are inside the book from their phone.

We also have a new product line that we are offering to schools this year – Mrs. Fields cookie dough! We chose this brand Mrs. Fields_box of cookiesbecause of their high quality and reputation nationwide. Their cookies are larger than most competitors and have more goodies in every bite!

So, with City Saver you can now SAVE DOUGH, EAT DOUGH, & RAISE DOUGH!

Benefits of using Mrs. Fields Cookie Dough Fundraiser
Using The City Saver App

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