How much should your school earn on a fundraising campaign?

glendaleBy far the biggest concern among parents and schools is the amount of money that actually goes to the school once sales are final.

Sue Clark, principal at Nashville Metro Public Schools’ Spanish immersion Glendale Elementary, says her school started selling City Saver books because of what owner Tom Beach delivered.

[City Saver] “is the only fundraising organization that I can find that gives 50 percent (profit),” Clark explains. “Most of them only want to give you 28 percent. Or less. And I get a call or an email every day from somebody wanting to sell something. So you can go to a lot of effort and not really make a lot of money.”

Glendale has 420 students and sold more than 1,200 books this fall, netting $14,500 for the school in just three weeks of sales. Over the years, Clark has used City Saver money to buy maps, globes, carpet, library books, overhead projectors and computers.

City Saver is just quick and easy. “We thought we might skip a year, and my parents were just up in arms.”

To learn more about City Saver’s six step process to successful fundraising, call 877-450-SAVE (7283) or e-mail



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