Ten Years And Over $8 Million Raised For Schools

Blog post written by City Saver co-founder and president Tom Beach.Tom  Kristin Beach City Saver

As I look back on the past 10 years, I am truly amazed at how God has blessed our business!

When Kristin and I decided in the summer of 2003 to quit our nice corporate jobs and start this business, it was truly a leap of faith. We were having our first child and wanted to have more control over our schedule and lifestyle. We were both working long hours and I was doing a lot of traveling and the flexibility of owning our own business was very attractive.

A high school friend of mine and his wife had just started a coupon book business in Charlotte and were telling Kristin and I about it at my 15-year high school reunion. We came back to Nashville and said “why can’t we do that here?” So we did a little research, talked to a lot of people and realized there was a huge need in the local school system for a type of fundraiser that would be quick and easy for schools to raise much needed funds.

So, we looked at each other over the July 4th holiday that year and said – “let’s do it!” We both quit our jobs within a few months of each other and City Saver was born. Now, we fast forward ten years and City Saver is in six cities, employing 25 people and has helped raise over $8 million dollars for schools and charities. There are schools all over town that have new computer labs & playground equipment because of our book heck, we even helped a local high school band earn money to go the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade and perform.

I tell people all the time that there are a lot of moving parts to what we do, but when the smoke clears at the end of the day, we are all about helping kids and what could be better than that!

So a big THANK YOU to the many merchants who have been a part of our books; to the schools and non-profits that have used our books to raise money; and to all of you who have purchased our books over the years to help you save money.

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Photo courtesy: James Yates – Nashville Business Journal

2 Responses to “Ten Years And Over $8 Million Raised For Schools”

  1. Diane bonner

    Will you be having any more specials on the 2013 book? I missed the last offer.

  2. City Saver

    Unfortunately, the special on the 2013 books has ended. The 2014 books are here, though!

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