2 Surefire Ways to Boost Participation in School Fundraising

Charlie Mickles, Director of Development at Lighthouse Christian school has been around campus for 29 years and believes in the mission and values of what the school is teaching its youth.  But last year, when he started working to raise funds for the school, he saw a lack of excitement and motivation on the part of parents, teachers and students.

So he set out on a mission to talk to everyone he could and learn more about what they could get excited about doing.  Last fall, with the help of City Saver, he launched a brand new campaign that doubled his fundraising profits.

“We went from a 34% participation last year, to a 63% overall participation (79% in the elementary) rate this year,”  Mickles said.

hands raisedWhen asked what the key factors were to help him achieve such a high year over year increase, he said, “We did a better job of consistently marketing and promoting our campaign to families this year and people wanted to be involved.  Our City Saver representative was phenomenal with all of her assistance from the marketing plan to execution.”  

The $12,000 raised this year will help Lighthouse Christian School fund several initiatives including:  Capital Improvements, technology upgrades, the senior trip and the Junior/Senior Spring Banquet. 

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To learn more about his secrets of success or to learn why he chose to work with City Saver,  e-mail cemickles@lighthouseministries.org

For more information about City Saver’s six step approach to successful fundraising, call 877-450-SAVE (7283) or e-mail info@citysaver.com.

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