City Saver: 5 Tips To Prepare for the Parent – Teacher Conference at your child’s school

It is vitally important to your child’s experience in school when their parents and teacher are working together in partnership. Here are suggestions on how parents can prepare for that all-important meeting:

1) Arrive early to the meeting out of respect for the job this teacher is doing in the life of your child.
2) Ask open-ended questions that are not covered by the teachers presentation:
a) How can I help you in teaching my child?
b) What would you say are my child’s strengths?
c) What areas would be learning opportunities for my child?
d) Do you have any suggestions for things we can do at home to support the child’s learning (educational games, suggested reading)?
e) Does my child complete assignments on time and at the appropriate level?
f) How would you rate my child’s behavior and what does it tell you about his/her learning style?
g) How is my child getting along socially with other children?
3) Take notes to help you track your child’s progress
4) Celebrate with your child all of the successes you learned in the meeting as well as the positive attributes of the teacher.
5) Take a moment to look around the classroom and take note of your favorite areas, even taking a picture of favorite aspects.
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