City Saver is Passionate About Helping Your Fundraiser Succeed

City Saver FundraiserWe are passionate about helping. Helping is what we do at City Saver.

We love what we do. We get to build a better community by helping people raise money for schools or charities while helping them save money personally.  We get to help businesses by driving customers through their door every day of the year while generating community goodwill on their behalf!  Consumers benefit from this by receiving buying incentives in the form of significant discounts to their favorite local restaurants, attractions and family fun places.

At City Saver we do more than provide coupon books to schools and charities for fundraising. We have a fantastic product with such value that you’ll think you are being paid to “go out to eat, have fun playing with your family, explore your city, and shop!”

City Saver Coupon Book and Mobile App– The City Saver Coupon book and mobile app is an easy way to help your school, group, or organization fundraise.

– It’s a product people want and when your group sells one, you make 50% profit.

– You are not alone in raising money for your group; we quickly work with you to provide a turnkey and successful campaign.

–  We are local so that means that your level of customer service is higher.  We don’t drop off products and disappear.

–  We have years of PTA/PTO fundraising experience and are active in our children’s education.

–  We are community oriented and strive to connect local businesses to schools.

Mrs. Fields Cookie Dough Now Offered Through City Saver

Doesn’t this sound great? Where do you go when you need help with: 

1.      A donation to your auction?

2.      Feeding your teachers during in-service week, Teacher Appreciation, Christmas, etc.?

3.      When you want to do a Family Night?

4.      When you need beverages or snacks for a PTA meeting?

5.      When you want coupons for your local Membership drive?


Former Tennessee Titan Cortland Finnegan and
all the top selling City Savers

This is our specialty. 

We don’t just sell coupon books, we build long lasting relationships with schools and our participating merchants.  City Saver is here to help all year long!  You get to know us on a first name basis and we love it!  We have a passion that drives us to be the best we can and to provide a level of service that goes beyond that of just a vendor.


In fact, you will often hear us say that we don’t sell… we SERVE!

How may we serve you?

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