5 Tips to Using Coupons

by Kristin Beach, owner of City Saver

I just read a book by Kelly Hancock, popular money saving expert from FaithfulProvisions.com, titled “Saving Savvy.” It’s smart and easy ways to cut your spending in half and raise your standard of living…and giving! I saved $21 on my first trip to the store using her strategies!

This week, go to one of our Facebook pages (Nashville, Memphis, Clarksville, Louisville) and give us one tip on how you use coupons to save money every day. We are giving away 4 of Kelly’s books on Friday. Winner is selected based on our teams’ opinion of who has the best money saving tip. Here are 5 of Kelly’s tips to using grocery coupons:

5 Tips to Using Coupons
You can save 75% or more on your grocery trips by using coupons!

1. Be Organized – Only use coupons if you are going to keep them organized, preferably in some kind of filing system.

2. Only use coupons with sale items – Using coupons alone is not a good deal. Only use coupons in conjunction with sales or clearance items for the best price.

3. Get multiple coupon inserts from the Sunday paper – Recommended: 1 insert per family member – In order to save the most, you want to get multiples of items when they are on sale so you can stockpile. You can only use one manufacturer coupon per item, so the more coupons you have, the more of an item on sale you can purchase!

4. Keep ALL coupons – Don’t throw away a coupon unless you would NOT want it for free, or give the free item away to someone else. It is a great way to be able to give to others like local food pantries.

5. Don’t be brand loyal – When using coupons you need to be flexible with your brands in order to save the most. To save the most, you use the items that are on sale with a coupon.

What kind of tips do you have for saving money? Post a tip at our Facebook page for a chance to win, “Saving Savvy” by Kelly Hancock.

Visit www.FaithfulProvisions.com to learn more money saving tips and find links to coupons.

City Saver coupon books contain thousands of dollars in savings to local favorite restaurants and attractions and are published in Nashville, Memphis, Clarksville (TN) and Louisville Kentucky to help raise money for schools and charities.

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