City Saver Adventures: Anna’s Children’s Boutique

Hello Nashville! I recently ventured to a place on Nolensville Road called Lenox Village. It is a place abundant in cute condos, boutiques and dining spots all within walking distance!

I am at the age where lots of my friends are getting married and having babies, and with that comes baby showers! I always like to get something unique for the babies; that way it’s more memorable.

Anna’s Children’s Boutique is just the place to buy such unique items since a lot of them are hand detailed. They offer christening gowns, leggings, burp pads, headbands, winter clothes and summer clothes. You name it and this place has it!

The woman who runs the boutique, Carol, is the best resource you can find in the store. If you have something specific in mind that you are looking for she can direct you in the right direction. She also has the ability to custom order things online.

If you are looking a one of a kind look, Anna’s Children’s Boutique is the place to go!

Until Next Time – Rosa

Coupon located on page 431 and is also located in the City Saver® App!

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