Customer FAQs

The merchants contained in each book and on our app have extended invitations in the form of discount certificates in the hopes that you will visit and enjoy your experience. Please read carefully the rules of use below and on each certificate or code redemption. We sincerely appreciate our participating merchants’ efforts in supporting our community.

Customer FAQs

When do I present my coupon?

Discount certificates should be presented to the establishment prior to ordering goods or services.

How do the restaurant offers work?

If the offer is a buy one, get one free, you would order two or more main course entrées and your server will deduct the least expensive entrée (up to the maximum dollar amount stated on the certificate). If the offer is a 50% OFF, you would order one main course entrée and your server will deduct 1/2 of the amount of that entrée (up to the maximum dollar amount stated on the certificate).

What if a restaurant offers other specials?

Unless otherwise noted, certificates cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers or discounts.

What about dining in groups?

All restaurant coupons include this disclaimer: One coupon per table/party, per visit. This means if multiple people or a group visit the restaurant, only one person in that group can use the coupon.

What about Gratuity?

In general, the tip should total 15 to 20% of your bill prior to deducting the discount. Also, some restaurants do reserve the right to automatically add gratuity when a discount certificate is used. Holidays are excluded from the use of discount certificates. All offers are invalid on Christmas Eve and Day, New Year’s Eve and Day, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day. Regional events may also be excluded at the individual restaurant’s discretion.

What is the City Saver mobile app?

It’s a way to save you money when you are on the go.  You may forget your book, but you will always have your phone! Easily find offers available for use right now.  Use the index to find a merchant alphabetically, by location or click the map to see what’s around you. Keep track of your savings all year and see what kind of profit you made on your purchase.

How do I receive the mobile app?

The mobile app is available for your iPhone, iPad or Android device.  Simply go to the app store for your Apple device or Google Play for Android to download the app for your city.  Once downloaded, you are able to view the offers but they are not yet activated.   You will need an activation code to use the coupons. Visit our download the app page for more information.

How do I obtain an activation code for the mobile app?

If you have purchased a City Saver coupon book, you are entitled to a free app code for activating the coupons on your mobile phone. Visit our download the app page to use our book redemption form to receive an app activation code.

How much does the app cost?

The app is free to download and the activation code comes as a free gift with the purchase of a book.

How do I activate my mobile app?

The app can be activated using our book redemption form. Please visit the app download page for more information.

Why is my new app code invalid or saying it has already been used?

Make sure you have downloaded the City Saver app for the correct city and that you have the correct year (ie. 2016) of the app for the City Saver book you have purchased. Please note, the code printed in your book is NOT your app code; it is your book code. Please visit the app activation webpage for your city to activate and receive your app code.

I had to get a new phone and can’t reactivate my app!

Each code can only be activated one time and will have to be reset.  Please call 877-450-7283 to reactivate your code.

Are all the same merchants and offers in the book also on the mobile app?

While there are hundreds of additional coupons on the mobile app, not every merchant has agreed to accept the mobile coupons, yet.  You can expect 70-85% of the book merchants to be on the app.  The offers are the same as the book but some merchants have agreed to extend additional offers as well.

Is the book required to redeem coupons on the mobile app?

No.  Once activated, the mobile app can be used independently of the book.

Can I use my coupons more than once on my app?

No, each coupon is valid for a one-time use only.

Can I search for merchants on the app?

Yes, you can search by location, category, or even use the ‘Around Me’ feature to see the merchants right in your area of town.

Are the coupons on my app linked to the coupons in my book?

No, the app coupons are additional offers over and above the coupons in the book, essentially doubling your savings.

Can I keep track of my savings from my app?

Yes, use the ‘Savings Calculator’ feature to track your up-to-date savings.

All participating merchants have entered into a legal agreement with City Saver. City Saver cannot be held liable for any events beyond its control. This includes the failure of a business to honor the certificate due to a change in management or ownership, closing of a business or any other circumstances. We hope you enjoy!